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It Rains Diamonds Nightly In My Shangri-La Lit Brightly [entries|friends|calendar]
Raining Diamonds

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Its Raining Diamonds
[February 6th, 2006]


2 Diamondss  Its Raining Diamonds
I Waited And Hated This I Created A Bloody Mess [January 11th, 2006]

[ mood | artistic ]

Don't Eat Elmer's Glue, You'll Slowly Turn Into Plastic, Like Me...I'm Plastic, Don't Eat Glue. Smoke Somethin'Collapse )

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I waited, and hated this; I created a bloody mess.. [July 11th, 2005]

[ mood | bored ]

My Application, Mo'fucka.Collapse )

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"I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess" [July 9th, 2005]

Application.Collapse )

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My app. [July 4th, 2005]

My app.Collapse )

Its Raining Diamonds
[July 4th, 2005]

Just Showin Some Love...

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[July 1st, 2005]

my app...Collapse )

Its Raining Diamonds
[June 30th, 2005]

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Its Raining Diamonds
[June 30th, 2005]

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Its Raining Diamonds
[June 28th, 2005]


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[June 24th, 2005]


1 Diamonds  Its Raining Diamonds
[June 11th, 2005]


Some pics...



 yea like you love me sometimesCollapse )

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"I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess" [June 11th, 2005]

[ mood | chipper ]


my app.Collapse )

1 Diamonds  Its Raining Diamonds
[June 10th, 2005]

So I dyed my hair.

Before;Collapse )

Its Raining Diamonds
[June 9th, 2005]


2 Diamondss  Its Raining Diamonds
[June 5th, 2005]


So we got a bunch of stuff from my ex ryan..

This is the jersey i got;


Lj cut that shitCollapse )</span>

<3 meg

Its Raining Diamonds
[June 5th, 2005]

PromotionCollapse )

5 Diamondss  Its Raining Diamonds
[May 26th, 2005]

1. [Name?]Andrianna
2. [Nicknames?]Andrea, crazy baby cuban, sweet-tooth
3. [Age + Birthdate]17 4/5/88
4. [How long you been down? 4 years
5. [Where ya from?]Rockland ME
6. [Hobbies?]Chillin wit homies listen to psycopathic and talkin on the phone
7. [Fav. food?]Mickey D's
8. [Fav. colour?]Black,red, and baby blue
9. [Fav. movie(s)?]Killer Klowns, Bowling Ballz, Big Money Hustals, Coyote ugly
10. [Fav. Psychopathic Artist & why?]TwiZtid, they were the first Psy. Artist i listened to other then ICP
11. [Fav. artist out of Psy.?]monoxide
12. [Fav. band's/singer's out of Psy.?]Way to many to say!!
13. [President Bush?]can suck my left tit
14. [Do you do drugs?]depending on the drug
15. [Gay marriage?]fuckin right
16. [What does being a lo/lette mean to you?]it means homies that are down till their is Shangri-La or Hells Pit
17. [How did you become down?]Heard the song "Bitches" on a cd my friend let me borrow.
18. [Post a funny picture:]Sure some time
19. [Be honest, are you a virgin?]no
20. [Post some pictures, 4 tops:]I cant right now, but i will sometime

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..Hoping I am In Enough To Post Now... [May 22nd, 2005]

This jugglette needs much love. A found out yesterday that a very dear friend of mine died in April. It is such a shock. His mom had a hard time tracking me down. I guess better late then never of knowing, although I did wonder why I hadn't heard from him in over a month. So these past couple of days have been hell for me...thanks for listening.

Its Raining Diamonds
[May 20th, 2005]

I'm leaving this community and about all of the other ones I'm in sorry...

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