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"I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess"


Name: Kari
Age: 14
Birthday: Sep.18
Location:Royal Oak, Michigan
How long have you been down: almost 5 years
Hobbies: chillin with friends, watching movies,listening to music.
Relationship Status:Taken my Jonah
Favorite Psychopathic Group: Twiztid
Favorite Psychopathic Member: Jamie Madrox
Favorite NON Psychopathic Artist: System of a Down
What/Who got you interested in becoming a juggalo/juggalette?: When I visited my cousin and her boyfriend and he was a juggalo and when I left 5 days later I was hooked I loved all of the music and the family intriqued me so I learned more.
Favorite Songs From Psychopathic: the Juggla, Juggalo Family,And we Danced, Old School Pervert,My Axe,Spin the Bottle.
Favorite Songs From NON-Psychopathic Artists: Freaky thangs by Ludacris, Ayo for Yayo by Andre Nikatina, Word up by Korn
Why should you be accepted?: I think I should be accepted because I would like to meet more family and just talk to people who are into the same stuff as me.
Do you do any drugs or drink: i don't drink but i do smoke everyonce and a while
Siblings: a younger brother named Jimmy
Who do you look up to and why?: I look up to my cuzin because she has been through so much and survived the worst and she didn't turn out the way everyone thought she would
Post some Pictures of you (at least 5):


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