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I waited, and hated this; I created a bloody mess..

Name: Melissa. Go by Kitty or Maggot, though. xP
Age: I'm fifteen.
Birthday: March O5.
Location: Polk County, FLA. Home to way too many rednecks, meth-heads, and diseases.. Fun, huh? Not.
How long have you been down: Three or four years. Not too sure.. :\
Hobbies: I love graphic design, learning German, web design, HTML, the Internet in general, Notepad, AOL, IMing, browsing chatrooms looking for people to talk to 'cause I'm such a loser.. I LOVE DDR on the dance pad.. And alotta other stuff. xP
Relationship Status: I'm very much in love with Tony.. Although I don't know what's going on as of now. :(
Favorite Psychopathic Group: Insane Clown Posse
Favorite Psychopathic Member: Violent J. *drool*
Favorite NON Psychopathic Artist: I looooooove Marilyn Manson.. How cliche.. :)
What/Who got you interested in becoming a juggalo/juggalette?: The "Chicken Huntin' (Slaughterhouse Mix)" music video.
Favorite Songs From Psychopathic: Sticky Icky Situation;; $50 Bucks;; Walk Into the Darkness;; Turbulence;; Bolivia;; Justa Hustler... Soooo many more..
Favorite Songs From NON-Psychopathic Artists: As of now.. In the Navy &&& Dream a Dream by Captain Jack. I'm DDR infatuated.
Why should you be accepted?: Because I am the shit, and you all would be fucking LOST without me. xP
Not. I don't know, it just seems cool here.
Do you do any drugs or drink: I do drugs, and I drink occasionally (only liquor), depending on what it is. I won't get into that anymore, because we'd be here forever.
Siblings: One younger sister, two younger soon-to-be stepbrothers.
Who do you look up to and why?: Actually.. I really don't know who I look up to. The only thing I can think of is a goal, and that's to be completely off the drug addiction I've been battling.
Post some Pictures of you (at least 5):

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